Base Material

Durasurf 4001 Sintered Base - Extra thick sintered bases provide an extremely fast, durable running surface.

VDS Rubber

A vibration dampening rubber used between the steel edge and the sidewall. While many manufacturers claim this to be used in actual vibration dampening…which it does to a very small degree, its main purpose is to act as an adhesion layer between the edge and sidewall to prevent the possibility of delamination.


Vertically Laminated Bamboo  – We source only FSC certified bamboo to use as the heart and soul of every Substance Ski. Bamboo is highly renewable and provides a flex, pop, and strength that is not found in the typically inferior wood cores of the industry today.


Massanranduba  – Our little secret! Massanranduba is a hardwood species also known as Ironwood. It is extremely dense, stiff, and naturally resistant to water and rot. While many in the industry are still using cheap toxic plastics, we have found this material to be superior especially when it comes to bonding and flex characteristics. We are able to add stiffness to the core/sidewall construction and shed weight by making the core thinner due to the stiffening properties of the sidewall choice. We end up with a stronger, lighter, and more responsive ski!

Triaxial Fiberglass

20oz.Triaxial Fiberglass means there are fibers running is three directions to provide strength in three directions. A zero degree layer runs the length of the ski while two opposing layers run in 45 degree directions to provide lateral strength.


2mm Rockwell 48 Hardened Steel Edges – You could shave with these things!!

Carbon Fiber

All models have a 4” unidirectional carbon fiber stringer above the core. This creates additional strength and pop without adding a concernible amount of weight.


A much more environmentally friendly resin is used to bind all materials together than your typical resin used by many manufacturers.


An Isosport 8210 nylon topsheet is utilized to minimize the occurrence of edge chipping.  Nylon is a stronger alternative to the PBT found on many skis.